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Feng Shui Water Features

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Would you like to use the water element in Feng Shui to create balance, harmony and health in your environment? Feng Shui is the study, understanding and manipulation of wind and water energy. Placing a water feature indoors is very much a modern day practice with ancient principals.

There are some important factors to consider when placing your water features around your space. The front door is important in Feng Shui. It is the main entrance a house and whatever energy comes through effects the rest of the house, the people in it, and your fortune. To protect the front door from being hurt by bad external energy, have a water feature positioned nearby. When placed on the left near to your front door the water feature can bring good luck. Never have a water feature facing out of your home or office or have water on both sides of your main door.

There are three directions which can benefit from water, the east, southeast and north. To enhance luck position your water feature in the southeast area of your home or office. Make sure that your water, river, ponds, or drains are in full view of the front door as much as possible. Try to keep the positive Chi created from fountains, ponds or bodies of water from escaping outwards from your house or yard. If you have a river or stream on your property water flowing past the back of the property suggests missed opportunities. Try to have the water follow a meandering course rather then flowing off your property like an arrow taking beneficial energy with it. It is not advisable to place a water fountain in the south which is connected to fame and reputation as well as the fire element. Moving water is more masculine Yang while still water is more feminine Yin. In general never put Yang water into an environment where there needs to be Yin energy, and vice versa, or it may cause problems.

Fast moving water has little place in the bedroom for sleeping. However near the front door Yang water attracts good luck, conversation and lively energy. A gazing bowl of still water makes little sense when used by a cash register if you are trying to create more activity and movement. These are general guidelines of fountain placement that can be used as springboards for your own cures. If you feel that a fountain would work well in a particular space your feelings on the matter are more important then any rules you may have read.

Water features can be very powerful cures when used appropriately in your home or business. With a little planning and forethought they will bring good luck, health and prosperity to the people and places near where they are placed.

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