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Why did people prefer use marble columns?

Marble column is the most prominent element in architecture. Columns supported the roof, but also gave buildings a feeling of order, strength, and balance

What is a marble flower pot?

What is a marble flower pot?A marble flowerpot also called planter, marble vase which is a container for flowers cultivated and displayed.

How to custom the marble fountain?

How to custom the marble fountain?From small size marble bowl fountains to large size fountain and garden marble fountains, we can provide you with the perfect designs

What are the popular statues for garden?

What are the popular statues for garden?Angel statues, Greek statues,lady statues, four season statues decorate you home....

How are marble statues made?

Marble statues are made from natural stone by hand carved. If there is a custom marble sculpture that you would like to commission, please

Why is marble fireplace mantel widely used?

Marble is one of the densest and durable types of natural stone and it is known for is luxurious and elegant appearance.

What is the classification of the fireplace mantel?

The Fireplace mantel can be divided into English fireplace, French fireplace, American fireplace according to the cultural differences

Questions About Marble Bathtubs

Questions About Marble Bathtubs-Which is the most popular material for the bathtub?-How to make or choose a suitable marble bathtub?

Which is the most popular material for the bathtub?

Which is the most popular material for the bathtub?

Carton Warrior Sculpture in Polyresin

This carton warrior sculpture in Polyresin is made by Alpha Sculpture,Alpha Sculpture good at producing Replica museum quality sculptures and making new sculptures for artists.

Abstract sculptures

Abstract uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world

Garden Ornaments

In ancient time, the natural scenery is all over the world. While with the development of the human being we should build artificial park to appreciate the nature.

Marble sculpture

Sculpture is among the oldest of the arts both in China and Western countries. In ancient time,our ancestor has been made a great achievement in this respect.As the society development,sculpture is more and more important.

Marble Fountains

Have you considered adding a custom water fountain to your business? Would you like to add a fountain in your house? There are many reasons to consider water fountains as part of your life.

Architecture stone

Speaking of architecture material,the rock will come into our mind first,such as marble,granite and so on.All of them are used as slate to decorate the house.While it has been some difference with the development of the economy.

Marble sink

These magnificent marble sinks are made individually by hand. There are no two are exactly alike in size or appearance. While used in your environment, they also help to humidify the air! It’s more comfortable and beautiful than usual sinks

Marble gazebos

Marble gazebos are one of the most beautiful arts of natural stone and human wisdom. It is about truly living, experiencing, and enjoying life. Now you can see marble gazebo everywhere

Feng Shui Water Features

Would you like to use the water element in Feng Shui to create balance, harmony and health in your environment? Feng Shui is the study, understanding and manipulation of wind and water energy.

Types of Fireplaces

Types of FiA fireplace may have: a foundation, a hearth, a firebox, a fireplace mantel, an ashdump door, a chimney crane, a cleanout door, a grate, a lintel, a lintel bar, overmantel, a chimney breast, a damper, a smoke chamber, a throat, a flue, a c..

About Marble Fireplaces

Fireplace can add more beauty and elegance to your house. Be it a contemporary or a traditional house, a fireplace for sure can add to the decor of the living room. It is one of the places where people get warmth and comfort during the winter months...