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    Marble sculptures,fireplaces,fountains exporter-ALPHA

    China Alpha supply Marble sculptures,marble fireplaces,Marble fountains,marble column etc marble carvings,also supply bronze sculpture and fiberglass sculptures.
    The online catalogue contains over thousand designs on your choice,any customize orders also available!

    More About Us

    We Can Supply Following Products:

    Marble Sculptures

    Marble Sculptures

    We are specilized in producing eastern and western marble sculptures,marble animal sculptures,abstract sculptures,bust sculptures etc. The human sculptures we are good at producing Greek/Roman sculptures and religious sculptures.The size,color,style all can be customized as requirements.

    Marble Human Sculptures| Marble Animal Sculptures | Marble Bust | Abstract sculptures

    Architectural Stone

    Architectural stone

    The architectural stone including Marble Fireplace mantel,door frame,fountain,Roman column,stair case,gazebo,relief etc used in building and square .

    Garden Ornaments

    Architectural stone

    The garden decoration stones has water features,marble flowerpots,marble gazebos,table and bench etc,we not only produce the items our website shows but also can accept customized orders.

    Granite Monuments

    Architectural stone

    We use our local Shanxi black granite and China black granite to make the tombstone,we are major in producing Russia style,Poland style and European style tombstone,all skilled workers also can producing any other designs.

    Bronze Sculptures/Arts

    Bronze Sculptures

    The bronze and copper arts including statues, animals and religious arts etc. We use the lost-wax casting to produce the arts,any style arts can be customized.